Spark Kent is an independent Hip Hop artist based out of Connecticut. For the last 10 years, he has spent much of his time performing at festivals across New England and opening up for legends at venues like Toad's Place in New Haven, CT and The Middle East in Cambridge, MA. 

Musically, he resonates with lyricists like Big L, Mos Def, Slug from Atmosphere, Guru from Gang Starr, Eminem and more. Upon first listen; the audience finds themselves thrust into what feels like a time machine transporting them back to the 90's. Gritty funky east coast boom bap with a couple modern trap records for good measure. According to Spark, Hip Hop is like painting a masterpiece. It takes creativity, technical skill & understanding that the context in the image is just as important as the canvas behind it.  

His debut album Northern Hospitality dropped August 6th, 2021 and features collabs with Spose, WindchILL, Laney Lynx & Nate Goodwyn. Also featured is production from Ski Beatz, EOM, Apathy, Fresh Kils, Dos Vatos & more.

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